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Upcoming events

    • 25 May 2018
    • 27 May 2018
    • Idaho City

    Memorial Weekend Ride May 25-27th

    Memorial Day Weekend Ride will be at Steamboat in Idaho City.
    Club will host dinner Saturday evening around 6:30pm. We will have chicken and potato salad. Please bring a side dish.

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    • 16 Jun 2018
    • 17 Jun 2018

    Fathers Day Weekend
    Idaho City

    DATE: Saturday, June 16-17th, 2018!
    What? Please join us for a great weekend for the annual TVTMA Fathers Day Ride Campout! The trails in this area are mostly intermediate and there are forest service road and ATV opportunities.  There may still be a bit of snow up high! This is a great chance to hang out with other club members and a weekend of excellent camping!!

    DINNER: We will be having a potluck Saturday night. Please bring something to share!!!
    When? June 16th weekend. We'll head up after work on Friday.  Some folks may even get there Thursday evening.

    Where: Idaho City, Steamboat Gulch.

    Directions:  From Idaho City downtown. Head up Hwy 21 approximently 1.2 miles turn right at Forest road 304 Road. Then look for the TVTMA signs. We'll be camped less than a half mile in the campground area.
    Other area activites:
    There are ATV opportunities in the area as well as excellent single track trail and forest service roads.

    • 30 Jun 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 01 Jul 2018
    • 3:00 PM
    • Lowman, Bull Trout Lake

    Lowman Adopt-a-Trail
    Fun and Work Weekend
    June 30th - July 1st

    DATE: August 12 & 13th.

    WHAT? This is TVTMA’s annual “Lowman Adopt-a-Trail” clearing event and campout. For over 28 years, TVTMA has assisted the Lowman Ranger District by clearing most of the area’s over 100 plus miles of trails of deadfall and debris. Please plan on helping us! If the deadfall is light, we’ll ride for fun. (It’s all fun). If you and your bike are outfitted to carry a chainsaw, we need your help!! If you can’t carry a saw, that’s ok. We need your help moving cut logs.

    WHERE: near Bull Trout Lake, Idaho – watch for signs, June 30. Many of us will stay and ride through the weekend. Come up for the day if you can. 

    DIRECTIONS: From Lowman, Idaho, go east, northeast on Highway 21 for about 30.5 miles. Look for a sign “Bull Trout Lake” and turn left/north. Look for TVTMA signs directing you to our camp.

    CAMPING: We will be camping. There are restrooms and potable water in the area. RVers and tenters all welcome. MIGHT WANNA BRING YOUR BUG SPRAY!!

    RIDES: Riding is mostly advanced-intermediate and expert. This is a ride in the mountains of Idaho and not a beginner ride/event. This is a work event but we will ride for “fun” as soon as the work is complete. (It’s all fun). FOR INSURANCE COVERAGE PURPOSES, THE WORK PARTICIPANT MEETING IS SATURDAY MORNING AT 9:00AM. ALL WORKERS MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING AND SIGN IN!!! PLEASE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    DINNER:  Saturday night for all work participants. If you didn’t work, you probably won’t be hungry anyway (kidding). PLEASE BRING EITHER A DESSERT OR SIDE DISH/SALAD (OR BOTH!) to share Thank you!

    OTHER ACTIVITIES: Fishing is great in the area lakes: Martin Lake and Bull Trout Lake.

    CONTACT: Email Steve Frisbie at sjfrisbie@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

    • 18 Jul 2018
    • 22 Jul 2018

    Join us for the 55th Annual ITMA State Ride - Hosted by Magic Valley Trail Machine Association!
    July 18th to July 22nd!
    Near Warm Springs, Ketchum, Idaho

    What is a State Ride?
    The State Ride was first held in 1963 in the Boulder White Clouds hosted by MVTMA. The Annual State Ride is hosted by a different Idaho Trail Machine Association (ITMA) chapter club each year in different areas of Idaho. Created to help promote family oriented trail riding, camping, and a chance to ride different areas of Idaho. We work hard to create good relationships with our land managers and raise money to help fight for our right to keep the lands open to us.

    Things we are working on for the 2018 State Ride!!
     Mapping on trails for daily rides!
    o There will be lead rides and non-lead rides
    o Kids rides!
    o Ladies rides!
     Daily activities for kids of all ages!
    o Games, arts and crafts, and more!
     Nightly activities!
    o Bike games, movie night, meet and greet, band, raffle, and dinner!
     Things to do and see around the local area!
     And much much more!!
    This is one State Ride you will not want to miss!!!

    Things you can do to prepare for the upcoming State Ride!!
     Join one of the four sanctioned ITMA Clubs!
    o MVTMA - $30 a year
     Email us: ridemvtma@gmail.com
    o TVTMA
     www. Facebook.com/TVTMA
    o IFTMA
    o HMTMA
     Start buying bike raffle tickets!!
     Make sure to like us on Facebook!
    o And click to have notifications when we post!!
     Remember to always tread lightly! 

    There are two BIG raffle items for this years State Ride!! A brand new 2018 Yamaha PW 50 and a brand new 2018 Beta 300 RR! Raffle tickets - 1 for $10 or 6 for $50!

    • 11 Aug 2018
    • 12 Aug 2018
    • Burgdorf, ID
    DATE: August 11 through Sunday August 12, 2018

    WHERE: Burgdorf, Idaho USA

    DIRECTIONS: Google Map from McCall  In McCall, turn northerly on Warren Wagon Road (across from Lardo’s on Highway 55). Go north (along Payette Lake) about 25 miles to the Burgdorf Junction just before the pavement ends. Turn northwesterly (left) and go a few more miles (You will pass Burgdorf on the right side of the road. Keep going.) Signs will be placed on the main road at the entrance road to the camping zone – several miles NW of B-dorf.

    DINNER: Dinner will be provided Saturday night after a great day of riding. Thanks to the TVTMA.

    CAMPING: Like I said, we will be camping a few miles northwest of Burgdorf (just off the road to the Salmon River)….among the trees and plentiful shade. Tents, overhead campers, camp trailers, and motor homes and even tents and camp trailers (but probably not the Stefan’s motor home) are all welcome (just kidding Mircea) and easily parked. Free government-provided restrooms nearby. No fresh water is available in camp but the creek water is still much, much cleaner than the water in Rio.

    RIDES: There are plenty of rides for beginners. One “low impact”, one intermediate ride and one or two expert loops are also planned. The expert trails will be challenging and memorable and would make a billy goat puke. One expert loop will be about 20 miles and the other about 60 miles. We’ll have maps with routes for any rides.

    OTHER ACTIVITIES: Bring your swimsuit!! No, please bring it! No birthday suit swimming! We will be camping a couple of miles from the historic mining town of Burgdorf. Burgdorf has a swimming pool, which is fed by natural hot springs. You can fly fish (or spincast) along the Secesh River, or in any one of the area’s mountain lakes, or take a hike, ride your mountain bike into a lake, or just go sightseeing.

    DUAL-SPORT BIKE TRIPS: There are plenty of places to visit (lakes, old mining towns, etc.) Or, there are some great loops that would be ideal for a day trip. Bring your maps. Or leave them at home and plan on getting really, really lost.

    OTHER ACCOMODATIONS: Burgdorf has cabins available for nightly rentals. Call 208-636-3036 for more information.

    CONTACT: Contact Steve Frisbie or Brian King if you have any questions. We probably don’t know.

    Many Volunteers as well as the IDPR Trail Rangers have been working in the area and have the trails cleared. I can’t promise you won’t spend the night on a trail but I’m pretty sure you won’t have to. Also, the fires are miles away and the smoke is being blown away from the area.

Past events

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21 Apr 2018 Black's Creek Work Weekend - April 21-22nd 2018
14 Apr 2018 2018 TVTMA Owyhee Fun Run
07 Apr 2018 Black's Creek Work Weekend - April 7-8th 2018
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25 Nov 2017 TVTMA Turkey Ride 2017
21 Oct 2017 2017 TVTMA Halloween Ride
14 Oct 2017 TVTMA 2017 Chick's Ride
12 Aug 2017 Annual TVTMA Les Burnam Memorial Lowman Adopt-a-Trail Fun and Work Weekend
19 Jul 2017 2017 State Ride July 19-23rd.
01 Jul 2017 High Creek Work Weekend
17 Jun 2017 Fathers Day Weekend
27 May 2017 Memorial Weekend Ride & Campout
20 May 2017 Krassel Creek Work Weekend
29 Apr 2017 TVTMA Blacks Creek Work Weekend - April 29th & 30th
08 Apr 2017 2017 TVTMA Owyhee Fun Run
18 Mar 2017 2017 Chili Ride
03 Dec 2016 TVTMA Christmas Party 2016
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22 Oct 2016 2016 TVTMA Halloween Ride
07 Oct 2016 Columbus Day Weekend
01 Oct 2016 2016 TVTMA Chick's Ride Oct. 1
24 Sep 2016 Silver City Ride
03 Sep 2016 Silver Creek Plunge Campout
12 Aug 2016 Burgdorf Ride and Camp Out
28 Jul 2016 General Meeting Idaho Pizza Company
20 Jul 2016 2016 State Ride
25 Jun 2016 Lowman 2016 Adopt-a-Trail
18 Jun 2016 Father's Day Ride - June 18-19, 2016
11 Jun 2016 Cascade Volunteer Work Day
28 May 2016 Memorial Day Ride - May 28-30, 2016
25 May 2016 TVTMA General Meeting BBQ - May 25th 6:30pm
30 Apr 2016 TVTMA Owyhee Fun Run 2016
24 Apr 2016 Rabbit Creek Day Ride - Murphy, ID - April 24th, 2016
21 Apr 2016 TVTMA General Meeting 6pm - April 21st - Carl's Cycle Sales
17 Apr 2016 Rabbit Creek Day Ride - Murphy, ID - April 17th, 2016
09 Apr 2016 TVTMA Blacks Creek Work Weekend - April 9th & 10th , 2016, 9:45am
26 Mar 2016 Rabbit Creek Day Ride - Murphy, ID - March 26th
24 Mar 2016 TVTMA General Meeting - March 24th 6:30pm
12 Mar 2016 2016 TVTMA Chili Ride
25 Feb 2016 TVTMA General Meeting 6:30pm
21 Jan 2016 TVTMA General Meeting
18 Dec 2015 TVTMA Christmas Party 2015
18 Nov 2015 TVTMA General Meeting - November 18, 2015
17 Oct 2015 TVTMA Halloween Ride - 2015
03 Oct 2015 TVTMA Chick's Ride 2015
23 Sep 2015 TVTMA General Meeting - September 2015
26 Jun 2015 2015 Lowman Adopt-A-Trail
19 Jun 2015 Father's Day Ride 2015
16 Jun 2015 TVTMA General Meeting - June 2015
22 May 2015 Memorial Day Ride
20 May 2015 TVTMA General Meeting - May 2015
25 Apr 2015 TVTMA Owyhee Fun Run 2015
21 Apr 2015 TVTMA General Meeting - April 21st - Carl's Cycle Sales
24 Mar 2015 TVTMA General Meeting March 24th, 2015
14 Mar 2015 TVTMA Chili Ride 2015
24 Feb 2015 TVTMA General Meeting - February 2015
06 Dec 2014 TVTMA Christmas Party
18 Nov 2014 TVTMA General Meeting at Moto Tech
21 Oct 2014 TVTMA October General Meeting
18 Oct 2014 TVTMA Halloween Ride
11 Oct 2014 Eagle's Nest Trail Clearing
04 Oct 2014 TVTMA Chick's Ride
06 Sep 2014 Silver City History Ride
30 Aug 2014 Ruby Meadows - Loon Lake Ride & Campout
19 Aug 2014 TVTMA August General Meeting
23 Jul 2014 State Ride 2014
12 Jul 2014 8th Street to Idaho City II
27 Jun 2014 2014 Lowman Adopt-A-Trail
13 Jun 2014 Father's Day Ride 2014
07 Jun 2014 8th Street to Idaho City
23 May 2014 Memorial Day Ride
22 May 2014 TVTMA General Meeting Thursday May 22
03 May 2014 TVTMA Owyhee Fun Run
19 Apr 2014 Grandview Ride
15 Apr 2014 TVTMA General Meeting at Carl's Cycle Sales
12 Apr 2014 MVTMA Fun Days
06 Apr 2014 Carl's Cycle Chili Ride
18 Mar 2014 TVTMA General Meeting at Moto Tech
15 Mar 2014 Chili Ride
25 Feb 2014 TVTMA General Meeting February
27 Jan 2014 TVTMA Annual Ride Planning
07 Dec 2013 TVTMA Christmas Party
18 Nov 2013 TVTMA General Meeting at Moto Tech
26 Oct 2013 TVTMA Halloween Ride
21 Oct 2013 TVTMA October General Meeting
05 Oct 2013 TVTMA Chick's Ride
17 Sep 2013 TVTMA General Meeting
24 Jul 2013 ITMA State Ride -- Hosted by TVTMA
19 Jul 2013 TVTMA Alert: Boulder White Clouds national monument talk
28 Jun 2013 2013 Lowman Adopt-A-Trail
17 Jun 2013 TVTMA General Meeting - Pizza Night @ FASTLANE!
14 Jun 2013 Father's Day Ride - Silver Creek Plunge Work Weekend
24 May 2013 Memorial Day Ride
20 May 2013 TVTMA General Meeting at Canyon Honda
05 May 2013 Zachary's Intermediate Kids Ride
27 Apr 2013 TVTMA Blacks Creek Fun Day
13 Apr 2013 The John Hynes Memorial Fun Run
08 Apr 2013 TVTMA General Meeting
07 Apr 2013 Carl's Cycle Chili Ride
23 Mar 2013 Zachary's B-day Ride
16 Mar 2013 Chili Ride
11 Mar 2013 TVTMA General Meeting
18 Feb 2013 TVTMA General Meeting
16 Jan 2013 TVTMA Meeting -- Most Important
14 Dec 2012 TVTMA Christmas Party
27 Oct 2012 Halloween Ride
20 Sep 2012 Oh Ladies!!!
08 Sep 2012 Bones for Bones Benefit Ride
01 Aug 2012 ITMA State Ride
20 Jul 2012 Bull Creek Work Weekend II
13 Jul 2012 Bull Creek / Silver Creek Trail Work Weekend
29 Jun 2012 2012 Lowman Adopt-A-Trail
15 Jun 2012 The 6th Annual Father's Day Ride and Campout
01 Jun 2012 Idaho City ISDE Campout
25 May 2012 Memorial Weekend Ride/Pulled Pork Extravaganze
04 May 2012 TVTMA Fun Run
21 Apr 2012 Black's Creek Work and Fun Day
07 Apr 2012 Rabbit Creek Day Trip [Pre-Easter Throttle Day]
30 Mar 2012 Chili Ride
25 Feb 2012 Rabbit Creek Day Trip
14 Jan 2012 Rabbit Creek Day Trip
09 Dec 2011 Christmas Party 2011
23 Oct 2011 Halloween Ride
24 Sep 2011 Chicks Ride
24 Sep 2011 Todd Hartley Burgdorf Ride
26 Aug 2011 Weaver B-Day Campout
12 Aug 2011 Pulled Pork Extraveganza
04 Aug 2011 State Ride
29 Jul 2011 Bull Creek / Silver Creek Trail Work Weekend
16 Jul 2011 Lowman Adopt-A-Trail
17 Jun 2011 Father's Day Weekend Ride and Campout
27 May 2011 Memorial Weekend Ride
14 May 2011 TVTMA Fun Run
07 May 2011 Kids Iron Butt
30 Apr 2011 Beginner Chicks Ride (Cancelled)
23 Apr 2011 Black's Creek Work and Fun Day
26 Mar 2011 Chili Ride
17 Jan 2011 Ride Planning Meeting
18 Sep 2010 Chicks' Ride - Idaho City
04 Sep 2010 Krassell Karnage Happy Ride
20 Aug 2010 Ladies Only ESS (eat, sleep, shift) Ride
12 Aug 2010 Cascade Mountains Ride - Dave Lorello
07 Aug 2010 Stanley Camp and Ride
02 Jul 2010 Lowman Adopt a Trail Weekend
27 Jun 2010 Eagle's Nest Trail Clearing
08 May 2010 Kids Iron Butt Ride, Blacks Creek
01 May 2010 Owyhee Fun Run
24 Apr 2010 Black's Creek Fund Raiser $$ and Work Day
27 Mar 2010 The Chili Ride
17 Feb 2010 TVTMA February Club Meeting
20 Jan 2010 TVTMA Annual Ride Planning
12 Dec 2009 Christmas Party
18 Nov 2009 November General Meeting
19 Oct 2009 October Club Meeting
12 Oct 2009 Board Members Meeting
10 Oct 2009 Ride Historic Silver City
21 Sep 2009 TVTMA Club Meeting
14 Sep 2009 Board Members Meeting
21 Aug 2009 Chicks ESS Ride (formerly known as the Chick's Iron Butt)
15 Jul 2009 State Ride MVTMA
27 Jun 2009 Lowman Adopt-a-Trail
20 Jun 2009 Father's Day Campout
15 Jun 2009 June Monthly Meeting - Supercross City

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