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Extended to April 27th, 2017.

BLM Seeks Public Input on Travel Plan Analyses in Southwest Idaho

BOISE, Idaho – The Bureau of Land Management is announcing it is beginning preparation of two Environmental Assessments for travel management plans on public lands in Owyhee County. The BLM is hosting two public meetings and seeking comments to assist the BLM in identifying appropriate areas for motorized and non-motorized recreation on public lands in the Bruneau and Owyhee field offices.
The Canyonlands West Travel Management Plan (TMP) will cover the southwestern portion of the Owyhee County west of the pipeline road, while the Grand View TMP covers central Owyhee County south of Highway 78. Both TMPs will establish comprehensive systems of routes providing access to public lands for multiple-use activities while minimizing impacts to wildlife habitat, reducing the introduction and spread of invasive weeds, lessening conflicts among various motorized and non-motorized recreation users, and preventing damage to cultural resources resulting from the expansion of roads and trails on public lands.
Detailed information and maps on
Canyonlands West TMP at http://bit.ly/2kqMvwh
Grand View TMP at http://bit.ly/2lRqDGO.
The 30-day scoping comment period will begin Feb. 28 and end March 29, 2017. Comments will be accepted through the following means:

  • Email: oma_trans_wild@blm.gov 
  • Fax: 208-384-3489
  • Surface mail:  3948 S. Development Ave., Boise, Idaho 83705
 For more information, contact the BLM Boise District Office at (208) 384-3300.


The purple lines are the 340 miles of ATV/UTV routes to be designated in Alt. D. Most
are single track trails. Which if designated will be papped and signed open to ATV/UTV's.

Black lines are the roads.

Red Lines will be closed. This is Alt. D the most favorable Alternative. And the Red lines to NOT
show the ommited trails. The loss is greater than 50%.
— in Grandview, Idaho.


Poison Creek is the purple line near the bottom. It will be designated open in Alt. D to ATV's/UTV's.
Note all the RED closures? Single track closed.


The Teal color lines have not been evaluated. Click on one and it will illuminate in a teal color
multiple routes. Making comment difficult as on Identification number is assigned to multiple
routes. In many cases no identification number was assigned to routes not evaluated.

BLM expects the commenter to right a narative to describe which route your commenting about.


This is the staging area off of Mud Flat road. 100% of the single track trails you go to ride, from this
staging area are CLOSED in the most favorable OHV Alternative D. BLM thinks you all want to ride back
and forth on the road and a Quad route.
— in Grandview, Idaho.


This is the area west of Hot Springs Road, South of Bruneau and east of hwy. 51. Desert races started
in this area years ago. 100% of the Quad routes and single track CLOSED. No mention by the BLM that
legally permitted events used legal routes in this area. SIDRA is busy racing this month, racer's need
to train, practice, prep bike's. Club members are setting up, taking down courses.
Few participate in Advocacy.
But you will hear from them when the CLOSED signs go up in a few years. When did
this happen, will be the cry. You went racing...

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